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Perhaps you have already thought about buying a property in the United States, but you could not know what the return you should obtain. Or perhaps you thought of investing in the United States but the distance, lack of knowledge or language impossibility made you not feel safe. Well our network can help you in your language, in your country and with our people who know your reality. At Castell Blau we can help you and go even further with personalized investment strategies, in addition to the full range of solutions we have for you.

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They are properties that can have from 2 to 4 homes on the same property, this allows each one to be rented to a different person, this gives great stability, this type of home is sought after for its stability rather than its profitability. It's the ability to start getting paid quickly and keep that income constant. Little investment is required and they are easy to finance.


They are properties that have more than 4 units, generally buildings with a single owner who rents all the units, stability is one of the greatest because the amount of tenant turnover has very little impact on profitability. This type of housing is sought after by funds and entrepreneurs who seek to place money in a stable manner. The profitability is immediate because the units are rented. Medium to large investment required. They are generally groups that invest.

Condominiums and Houses

This is a property that can be rented to a single person to live in it, if it is in a building it is a condominium, if not it is a house. Profitability is good for investment, you may have to wait for it to be rented to make a profit. The investment is low to medium depending on the property, if the unit is for rent and the value is high, you may have to think about a multifamily. It is the most sought after type of property for small investors who generally take loans.


This is a property that can be rented to a single person to develop a business in it, law firms, doctors, insurance companies and everything that need an office. The demand for these properties is high and generally the tenant, in addition to paying the rent, covers all expenses including property taxes, so the profitability is high and once rented it is difficult for them to move the offices to another location.

Squares / Shopping

They are places where tenants can develop their businesses with "door to the street" to serve their customers and passers-by, these types of properties usually give a lot of profitability and although it may cost a little to get the tenant, once the rent is made it is difficult for him to leave, the contracts are usually from 5 to 10 years. It requires a high investment and those that are fully operational are really expensive, but the profitability and stability is high. Another option that we can offer you is to build one of these properties but that is another type of business.


Something that may be easier to acquire and with good profitability are the warehouse, these have an accessible price for their size, the profitability is good, the expenses are low and generally the tenant takes care of it. Although it is true that for a tenant it is easier to move the warehouse depending on its size. The smaller it is, the easier it is to find a new tenant. The investment may be low.


They are difficult to obtain, because they are generally in plazas and shopping malls with a single owner, but they exist, it is to buy a single business that has “door to the street” and rent it to a company that needs it. They are usually presented as a single building property. They are used by banks, pharmaceuticals, McDonalds, etc. they are a high investment but they are very stable, since the tenant makes a contract for decades and it is difficult for him to move from the place. Large capital is required.

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