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You probably expect our experts to end up showing you properties until you can sell one and that's it, like any realtor, and we can do that easily.

But if you expect another service we can provide guidance to develop your real estate investment plan so we can build your property portfolio.

 At Castell Blau, your advisor is much more, he or she is someone who listens to your needs and understands what matters most to you and your family. That's why we work together to create a strategy that is unique and successful for you.

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Your goals, concerns, and attitude about investing are important. That is why understanding their reality and the reality of the market to invest in is part of understanding their needs.


From the first conversation onwards, we will provide you with our network of specialists, advice to help you achieve your goals.


We will seek intelligent investment strategies taking into account performance, taxes and security, in order to minimize risks and optimize objectives.

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We have some options that you could evaluate to invest in Real Estate in the United States, these options do not limit the possibilities, we only detail the ones that our clients are currently most interested in.

Rental Properties

Perhaps you have already thought about buying a property in the United States, but you could not know what the return you should obtain. Or perhaps you thought of investing in the United States but the distance, lack of knowledge or language impossibility made you not feel safe. Well our network can help you in your language, in your country and with our people who know your reality. At Castell Blau we can help you and go even further with personalized investment strategies, in addition to the full range of solutions we have for you.

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Condo Hotel

To speak of the Resorts in the Miami Area is to speak of the most exclusive, multiple swimming pools with infinity edges, Jacuzzis, owners' club house to enjoy a barbecue while you are in the Jacuzzi at the height of a 42nd floor. Exclusive gyms, bar in the pool, yacht mooring on the property and access to the beach. Everything an exclusive Resort can give you, everything you deserve is here, with a 24-hour concierge service to assist you.
You know what it is to enjoy life, do nothing and rest in a place where everything is possible

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The range of services we offer goes from finding the location for development, market research and construction feasibility and analysis of the viability and profitability of the project. Our strategic alliance with Green Building "CGC Certification General Contractor", a certified construction company in Florida, helps us to provide a complete service.

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Enjoy Miami

To you, that everything cost you a lot, don't you think that it is time to look for something that you can enjoy a little with family and friends.
Life flies by and you want to treasure unforgettable moments, but you also want to keep your money safe, you deserve to be able to have the best of both alternatives. Shelter your capital and enjoy the American Caribbean.
Live life to the rhythm of the water temperature, pleasant from December to March or dreamy between April and November.

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Credit equals Security

Banks and financial entities are willing to finance this type of investment, because they know that historically this is profitable and over time it becomes more valuable and productive

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