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People seek to place their money safe and for that they have financial instruments, they can acquire companies, buy bitcoins and the many ways to place capital. But without a doubt the best of all investments for security, stability and constant growth is real estate and to manage the real estate portfolio there is no better option than CASTELL Blau, a Real Estate company based in South Florida.

Specialized exclusively in the management of properties, be it 1 or thousands. At CASTELL Blau we know how to handle discretion, reliability and we understand profitability and financing. In order to give growth and solutions to your property portfolio, let's start with one and ensure its future. The management of your property portfolio must be in CASTELL Blau.

We are the right place for


We are the right place to advise you on where to invest to obtain stability and profitability, but more importantly, we will tell you how to invest to maintain the discretion you need so that your portfolio is safe. Our strategic union with lawyers, accountants and financial analysts provides you with the solutions you need.

Rental Properties

Our network can help you in your language and in your country; with our people who know your reality.


Hotel Condominium

Everything that an exclusive Resort can give you, everything that you deserve is here, with a concierge service to assist you.



The range of services we offer goes from finding the location for development, market research.


Enjoy Miami

Live to the rhythm of the water temperature, pleasant from December or dreamy between April and November.



Our team will make the experience so incredible that without realizing it you will be enjoying your new life.



We can look for the land, get the plans, builders and start the sale before we start building.


Lo más valioso de los activos en propiedad es 

The Location

Being in one of the fastest growing areas in the world, South Florida and Greater Miami, are the best area to shelter your capital. From commercial properties, residential rentals can form your main portfolio.

Giving you the advantage.

Trusted advisors

At Castell Blau, our passion is to exceed client expectations, so it's only natural that we align ourselves with exceptional real estate professionals to serve clients from all over the world. That's why we don't just have agents, but trusted advisors to guide you through your journey home with extensive neighborhood experience, distinguished care...and a little bit of fun

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