Imagine a luxury vacation and

Be the owner of your time

Imagine your vacation with all the luxuries that only Miami can offer you, from an infinity pool to beach services, where you can enjoy your days without worries, tasting quality cuisine and the best shows. Imagine a place where your time is your own and when renting a yacht, you only have to go to the back of your property to board it.

Imagine owning a luxury resort in Miami, your time and your life. Stop imagining. Call us, we are certified specialists in the field.

Protect and enjoy your assets

The Excellence and Exclusivity of Miami

These Resorts are symbols of success, pleasure and profitability. Miami is the busiest tourist market in the world, owning a property means taking advantage. Imagine renting it out when you're not using it and earning dividends without doing anything. We can offer you financing, either American or foreign, and you will acquire it with only a 15% advance.

Hyde Beach House

Average sales prices $700,000


Icon Brickell

Average Sales Prices $600,000


1 Hotel South Beach

Average sales prices $1.5 MM


Marenas Beach Resort

Average sale prices $500,000


Beachwalk Elite Hotels and Resort

Average sale prices $500,000


Hyde Resort and Residences

Average sale prices $650,000


Local experience.

Global reach

Fully equipped units

Undoubtedly one of the characteristics of luxury is the exclusive, the units are fully equipped with furniture, decorations, kitchen utensils, sheets and towels, only you and your family are missing.

Holiday profitability

Not everything is money, but the success you achieve is by being aware of small expenses, with a return of between 8% and 20%, your vacation will be covered and you can make a profit.

A simple acquisition

We can obtain financing of up to 85% of the value of the property, whether American or not, because at Castell Blau we know that success does not depend on the passport.

Between the pleasant and the dreamy

Enjoy a pleasant temperature of the water in the pools and the pleasant ocean from December to March and a dream from April to November.

Specialists in vacation properties and resorts


As specialists in the field, we can advise you so that you can enjoy and obtain profitability without having to worry about anything other than having fun with your loved ones. Our team is RSPS certified (The Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist) which gives you the peace of mind of being with the best.

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