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Unique experiences

From taking your luxury car by elevator to your unit, to viewing the ocean from your private pool on your balcony, we have everything you could ask for in a luxury tower. Sunsets with your favorite music on huge balconies, extra rooms facing the sea so that visitors do not want to leave, but success, as you say, dawns early, that's why we have sunrises facing the sea.

We are Castell Blau, we know what you are looking for and we have it.

Experience the exclusive

We can advise you

We have a team of professionals specialized in the main towers in the area. We can advise you on the units that suit your needs and expectations. Our team will make the experience so incredible that almost without realizing it you will be enjoying your new life.

Sunny Isles Beach

The jewel of Florida, with luxury hotels and resorts, exclusive restaurants, one of the best options to live or spend the summer.



Miami's first premier shopping destination and an amazing place to live and spend the summer.


Hallandale Beach

Fun, entertainment and night life and on the other side the beach.


Golden Beach

A characteristic only of the houses and the bottom of the beach or the mooring


Bal Harbour

A privileged oasis in Miami, the city is as small as it is exclusive


Hollywood Beach

It's a mix of challenging Florida architecture and luxurious new modern towers. Everything between the intercoastal waterway and the ocean beaches.


Local experience.

Global reach

The towers

Exclusive towers of the most famous brands Armani, Hyde, Trump, with sophisticated luxury details and all the comforts that only excellence and luxury can provide

Cultural life

Owner of a cultural diversity of excellence, our city offers us an intense cultural and artistic life, with which you will find yourself simply walking through its streets.


The paradisiacal and extensive beaches with a unique nature are ideal both for sunbathing and for practicing water sports.

The weather

Enjoy a pleasant temperature of the water in the pools and the pleasant ocean between December and March and a dream from April to November.


Chosen by citizens from all over the world to spend the summer, they make this city a place where everyone wants to be to adhere to trends and fashion.

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